Solenoid Switches

Connector Locking Solenoid

Approx. Rs 350 / Piece

This lock is designed for use in an EVSE (fixed or portable Electric Vehicle Service Equipment or charge point) socket OR Type 2 male charging socket on an EV.
 It has 4 connection wires 600mm long.  The red and white wires take a momentary 12VDC connection to activate the solenoid and extend or retract the locking pin (which is designed to engage with a mating hole on the plug that is plugged into the socket).  Reversing the polarity of those 2 wires reverses the motion of the solenoid and hence the locking mechanism. Without power the solenoid and locking pin remain in the state last activated. 
The lock could be used, for example, in a DIY EV wired to a simple DPDT switch within the cabin.  Flip the switch one way and it locks the charging plug into the EV's charging socket.  Flip it the other way and the plug is released. The other 2 wires (blue and yellow) are connected to an internal switch which reports the state of the lock; locked (switch closed), or unlocked (switch open).

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